CLAIM YOUR CITY   –  3% Royalties on turnover in your City  –  € 25 per 100.000 people
and you get the TOP Domain of your City: city

If average price of a MYKOONN product is € 35,  with 1 sale in your City your 3% is € 1.00

Let’s make an assumption:

In your City there live 95.000 people so you pay € 25

In your City there are 6 resellers, our goal is that every reseller after 1 year does
1 (one)  3D print per day,  in an average Hotel are 150 new clients every day.
And every Hotel has his business events.  And also restaurants and caterers,
golfclubs, giftstores and more can become a reseller.

Let’s start with 1 3D product a week, that is 52 X € 35 X 6 resellers X 3% = € 328

As an Ambassador you get also special offers and privileges.

There is much more to come, and even if you don’t do anything we are sure we will
get turnover in your City. Also in smaller Cities.

Customization is not just about 3D printing. There are many other techniques
that can be used to produce customized products.
Laser cutting and CNC, for instance, offer many possibilities and can be applied to many different materials. 

Most of all: enjoy customization! Enjoy the future of 3D printing and laser cutting.