become a re-seller € 120  ( incl. 21% vat ) 
claim your city  international € 25  (incl. 21% vat )
claim your city  Netherlands  € 30   (incl. 21% vat )


All info:
3D customization is all about selling products in a better way: personalized, designed, digital and on- demand. This is a new way of looking at  making the best customized product for you. A product that fits your (life) style 101%.

Allowing customers to take part in the creation process establishes a closer link to our concept. This creates added value in our products. We believe this technology will change things for ever.  from mass production to mass Customization

 If you believe in our view that mass customization and 3D printing (laser cutting) is the future then you can underline this page. You can claim your city, resell, or buy a product 3D, or choose  a combination of these. ( see all details about these options below here on this page) But also if you have an idea to work with us, get in touch with your company there is also an interest in this, please email us: Whether you know a hotel, restaurant or caterer, or designer.
This unique claim your City campaign involves much more than these choices, it is about connecting people, Cities, their ideas and networks to take part in the development of a global fire.

You get 2% royalty fee on total turnover, means every transaction through the MYKOONN platform in your zipcode area. After your payment is confirmed we send you a CC Proof real time conformation that looks like this. Total turnover means all products, all giftcards, but also all reseller contracts in your City / zip code area.  Payments: We have as one of the first companies in the world STRIPE connect, that means you (as a City Claimer)  or the reseller (Hotel) and the Designer make their own account by this Payment provider. You get a mail by every sale, in same second after payment, you can send the money from your STRIPE account, by yourself, to your own bank account, PayPal account or credit card. So you have for the royalty’s  direct connection with STRIPE and not with MYKOONN.
And  it is always possible to sell your Cityclaim!

Become a Reseller

You can sell all MYKOONN products and giftcards. Both online and offline. You get a unique page with Customized design for your City, your Hotel, your golfclub or your business. business. You can put that on your own website, you can mail that , you can put that on Social Media. Hotels put it on the TV in the rooms, or on the landing page for the wifi. On all screens in the lobby, and have some examples of the City Gifts in the lobby. And we connect you with one or more local MYKOONN designers. Or you know a Designer yourself. This is an important connectin/partnership. Together you make the choises where to start with, and you can change your City gift together as much as you want. And for every event in your place or your City, the designers can create event gifts. As a MYKOONN reseller you get the biggest part of the proffit on every sale.  The combination of Claim your City and become a reseller is a good combination. See this presentation:

 City Gift / Event Gift:

A City Gift or souvenir, is designed with some specific details of the City. It has the name of the City on it and the logo/name of the Hotel/golfclub/Caterer. The client, lets say a tourist, can put a name a date or a logo on this City gift, and this happenes life in our softwate, so they see direct the results, choose their favorite color, choose the material where they want to print with (from plastic to all metals and gold and siver) and choose where to send it, home or to a friend or Family.
A Event Gift is special designed by our /your designer for a big event in your City, or a big diner in a Hotel or restaurant. This is the beauty of Customized design and 3d printing, we can make 1 special design for your clients. Or you put the waterbottles during the diner with their logo on the caps on table.
You want to see how it looks like. Your name, city, Company a date an event. We ask our designers to make a special design. Within a week we send this to you. After you saw your own product we are sure you want to know or do more things with Mykoonn. Try us!

If you are claim your City or become a reseller we first send you a the deposit of your royalty statement of your City. Look here to see an example of this.  this is a real time aprovement by our CC proof account.


Six years ago  we started with the development of KOONN. The screw has been the invisible connection in countless decorative products for centuries. As the core of a new and flexible concept, KOONN has reinvented the screw (and thread) and has given it a prominent Modular position. Because each day is different clients, both professional and consumers, using the KOONN concept, have the possibility to create decorations and/or compositions every day to match their current activity’s. With only 15  basic elements our client creates a fruit bowl today, a candleholder tomorrow, a table or cheese board the day after. But even a lamp, display or étagère, hundreds of combinations and thousands of applications are possible. All parts, big and small, have the same size handmade aluminum screw. The pleasure of creation, combining with own products and to use new items and colours each season, will lead to looking for new KOONN items and especially new applications. Today’s clients don’t just want to purchase, but also want to think along and share.

Colleague designers and producers start working with this concept and combine it with their own products (co-creating). Co-creation makes a product appealing, strengthens the connection with the product. All KOONN items are all handmade, created out of 100% recycled aluminum and have an above-average weight. (

After 6 years of investing in KOONN, it is time for the next step MYKOONN.

This is only the beginning. We start with City and Event gifts but there is much more to come. And with our growing network of designers we are ready for this. There is 1 thing that will be always the same, and that is our screw abd thread! Find HERE some history of the KOONN screw.

3D printing — also known as additive manufacturing — turns digital 3D models into solid objects by building them up in layers. The technology was first invented in the 1980s, and since that time has been used for rapid prototyping (RP). However, in the last few years, 3D printing has additionally started to evolve into a next-generation manufacturing technology that has the potential to allow the local, on-demand production of final products or parts thereof. 3D printing has been mainly used for prototyping for many years. Since it allows fast iteration, it’s an ideal tool to reduce product development time. But demand for final products made using 3D printing keeps increasing year after year and this trend appears to be here to stay.

Some major recent innovations in the world of 3D printing will obviously make this trend even stronger in the years to come. For instance, HP created a 3D printer called Multi Jet Fusion, which 3D prints up to 10 times faster than other processes, which makes production much easier. The rush for productivity is clearly open now! No doubt that in 5 years from now, 3D printing will be a common technique for creating finished products, and that it will represent the vast majority of the 3D Printing business.

Already it is possible to 3D print in a wide range of materials that include thermoplastics, thermoplastic composites, pure metals, metal alloys, ceramics and various forms of food. Right now, 3D printing as an end-use manufacturing technology is still in its infancy. But in the coming decades, and in combination with synthetic biology and nanotechnology, it has the potential to radically transform many design, production and logistics processes.