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Eindhoven Cityscape – Novotel




Cityscape Eindhoven,designed by Ron van den Ouwenland: TOP LEVEL: Sint-Catharinakerk  De Admirant  De Regent   BOTTOM LEVEL:  Evoluon  Philips Stadion (PSV)  Blob   Klokgebouw (Strijp-S)  Van Abbe Museum   The object can be used as a chandelier, with a historical hidden feature: if you don’t replace the candle before it reaches the top level buildings, the design will perform a modern variation on the many city fires that haunted Eindhoven during the Middle Ages. 3D printed available in 6 colors in nylon  and shipped within 5 days wherever you want.  Surprise yourself or someone else when you come home. We have the best Quality 3D prints possible. And Mykoonn offers full money back guarantee on all orders.