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                       and surprise someone with this 100% customized gift 

cardholder  -  candleholder and tealightholder

cardholder  -  candleholder and tealightholder in one

                                     cardholder  -  candleholder and tealightholder

complete personalized only for you, fly with me

we send  for you a 3D giftcard and let them make a choice

we create your own 3D printed business gift 

and including your local personal 3D designer!

and surprise someone with  this sustainable gift

with your name and date and in your color

                                      with your name and date and in your color

with your name and date and  fits on every bottle

successful congratulations! with name and date and in your color

6=30  - handmade aluminum and mango wood - 6 items 30 combinations

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100% local design  -  personalized by you  -   3D printed close to the receiver  -  unique and sustainable: we only produce  one design, no mass production   -   we 3D print it only for you